For solidarity among peoples


Un ponte per… is a volunteering association founded in 1991 immediately after the bombings on Iraq ended and the international embargo began. The aim was to promote solidarity initiatives in favor of Iraqi people who suffered from the war.
Since then, Un ponte per… has worked closely with local civil society organizations in order to prevent conflicts, especially in the Near East and Serbia, by setting up advocacy campaigns, cultural exchanges and international cooperation programs.
The Association rejects war as a means to solve international conflicts and works for peace and solidarity among peoples by facilitating encounters among different cultures, languages, religions and traditions with the idea of promoting a more equal and pacific coexistence. Un ponte per… believes that solidarity interventions to help people suffering from war are inseparable from the political commitment to influence the causes of conflicts.


Un ponte per… considers itself part of the Italian movement for peace that was born in the World Social Forum.
The activities in Italy are implemented mainly thanks to the help of volunteers and members. Funds come from fundraising campaigns and the financial support of public and private bodies.


For peace and human rights


The Association has been present in Iraq since 1991 and was initially called Un ponte per Baghdad. Its first interventions were emergency projects, health care, educational programs and other projects that aimed to recover the cultural heritage, support civil society and defend human rights, with a special focus on the protection of detainees. Since 2005 Un ponte per… has also been active in Jordan to assist Iraqi refugees and co-operate with organizations working for women’s rights.


In 1990, during the war in the Balkans, we launched a campaign by the name of Un ponte per Belgrado. This project helped create health care centers, send medicine, and provide aid to over 10,000 refugees. Our involvement continues today with distance support, twinnings and informative campaigns. Throughout the years our organization has intensified its ties with the Serbian communities in Kosovo by establishing distance support and children hosting programs.


The campaign Un ponte per Chatila aims to improve the traumatic situation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, who are still deprived of their fundamental rights as citizens. Our association promotes the development of distance support, social and healthcare projects, and vocational training. After the war in 2006 we initiated projects to face the humanitarian post-conflict emergency, with the aim of intervening for the right to education in the poorest areas of the country.


In Turkey Un ponte per… stands with the Kurdish minority and the democratic forces through the campaign Un ponte per Diyarbakir, which works to set the premises for reconciliation among the different actors of civil society.


Un ponte per… is also active in Palestine, where we send volunteers who are involved in nonviolent interposition and campaigns to raise awareness about the blockade on Gaza and for the rights of Palestinians.
In Italy Un ponte per… continues being committed to build new bridges to peace for the Near East and the Balkans by raising awareness through informative campaigns, educational programs in schools, cultural events, protection of refugees, youth exchanges and field visits.


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