Floods in Serbia. State of emergency

10 June 2019, 14:08

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On the 4th of June, Serbia suffered terrible flooding. We need your help to reach the person who are most effected.

A state of emergency has just been declared in the city of Kraljevo, where we have been working for 20 years with our local partner the Krajlevo Red Cross. This organisation sent us dramatic photos and videos of the recent events which they captured in their first scouting mission on 4th June.

Villages are flooded. Houses and farmland are under water and the  people are terrified. Many roads have been closed and estimates today suggest that 160 roads and 51 bridges can not be used, while 3,000 hectares of land has been flooded and 5 villages have been wiped out.

What we can do with your donation

Your contribution could help us take drinking water, food and shelter to the most effected people, in collaboration with the Kraljevo Red Cross. Any donations beyond the provision of basis needs will be used to rebuild and furnish the houses of the most vulnerable families and to buy dehumidifiers.

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