Covid-19: food distributions in Nineveh are now underway

19 May 2020, 16:00

Our campaign “Let’s start with a step towards peace” has started in the Nineveh Plain. It foresees the distribution of 1,000 food baskets for families who, due to the Covid-19 containment procedures, have seen their economic situation worsen.

Not even the pandemic has been able to stop the desire of our young bridge builders to continue their work to heal wounds and rebuild trust among the communities in Nineveh.

Before the arrival of Daesh, life and coexistence among the different communities in the area was peaceful: for this reason, since 2017 we have been making unceasing efforts to support them in dialogue and to find hope of returning to life without fear of terrorism and war destruction.

With this campaign, we have decided to continue the distribution in Mosul, Ba’shiqa, Bartella and Qaraqosh, and to do it among those communities that had, and still have, ongoing conflicts.

So our operators who belong to the “Conflict Prevention Teams”, in this period that marks the end of Ramadan, went to Ba’shiqa yesterday to the Ezidi community, along with local volunteers from Fadhliya (Shabak Sunni community).

Together with food baskets and information sheets with measures to prevent contagion from Covid-19, they symbolically delivered a message of peace and reconciliation from their community.

Today a new step has been taken and we are determined to continue!