Covid-19 crisis in Northeast Syria

War, the Turkish invasion, the pandemic and geopolitical meddling with the lives of millions of people: the Syrian population are facing these new challenges on top of the consequences of a war that has been raging continuously since 15th March 2011.
The failure to extend UN Resolution 2504, which for 6 years guaranteed a humanitarian aid corridor in Northeast Syria, is hindering access to vital medicine and food supplies for 3 million people.
Un Ponte Per has been active in this region since 2015. And we are striving every day to bring healthcare to all the men and women who live here.


“The pandemic is global, but it doesn’t affect everybody in the same way. Falling sick here almost always ends in death. People are not treated equally even during a pandemic.” Chiara M. - Un Ponte Per Medical Advisor for Northeast Syria.


Mohamed al Khalil, Un Ponte Per Local Medical Advisor for Northeast Syria.

In Northeast Syria the pandemic is spreading quickly.
We can’t just stand and watch. Nobody should go through this alone.
In collaboration with our local partner, the Kurdish Red Cresent, we have opened 3 Covid-19 wards in the towns of Derek, Tabqa (see the linked video) and in a converted school in Mambij. We are currently working on a fourth ward in Mambij hospital. Together, these wards will provide a total of 195 hospital beds for moderately and seriously ill patients, where previously there were none.






Due to international restrictions, lockdowns and the subsequent economic crisis, there are ever more people in need of assistance from the 31 local healthcare facilities we support together with the Kurdish Red Crescent.
This is also affecting availability of treatment for chronically ill patients. People are suffering and dying because there is a shortage of medicine for conditions including hypertension, kidney failure and diabetes.


Hamdo Ahmed, UPP Local Medical Advisor in North East Syria

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The impact of the pandemic in a country with such a fragile healthcare system forced us to reconsider our priorities. We reformulated our projects and have established 3 Covid-19 wards in the towns of Derek, Tabqa and in a converted school in Mambij. We are now working on a fourth ward in Mambij hospital, for a total of 195 beds for Covid-19 patients.


Due to the limited application of measures to prevent transmission in Northeast Syria, we have:

-    established a 24 hour dedicated helpline throughout Northeast Syria to facilitate early diagnosis;
-    Implemented a prevention awareness campaign, which has already reached 11,093 people.


When the pandemic began, many clinics were forced to close because of high infection rates among staff. Un Ponte Per has set up a wide-reaching programme to provide training and prevention information, including triage protocols, treating positive cases, the correct ways to use individual PPE and dispose of hospital waste, in order to help the staff work safely.


One of the consequences of the failure to extend UN Resolution 2504 was the shortage of life saving medicines in local chemists and hospitals. Thanks to the donations we received, Un Ponte Per was able to organise a shipment of insulin to treat about 1000 diabetic patients for one month





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