Activism and Civil Society


All our project work requires close collaboration with Civil Society Organizations, through programmes in support of the work of men and women activists, local NGOs, unions and human rights associations.

We believe in the value of partnership and support the social and political beliefs held by our local partners, and we are committed to promoting awareness  campaigns for gender equality, nonviolent conflict resolution and freedom of speech and press


“Humanitarian aid is important and it is our duty. But it cannot be separated from our support for activists working on long-term solutions to the root causes of war and the violation of human rights in the countries where we operate" (Ismaeel Dawood, UPP Civil Society Officer)


We support Iraqi Civil Society activists in their campaigns for the creation of a free, democratic and plural Iraq. We are working on human rights campaigns in Middle Easern countries, and we have always defended freedom of expression to the south of the Mediterranean.

We believe that, in order to defend and promote the respect of human rights, we must also strive to protect those who are in the frontline in countries where basic freedoms are not guaranteed, and we try to advocate on behalf on the voiceless with national and international institutions.