Who We Are

Un ponte per… (UPP) is a voluntary association founded in 1991, immediately after the bombing of Iraq, which promotes solidarity initiatives for Iraqis who suffered during the war. Originally called Un Ponte Per Baghdad (a bridge to Baghdad), the association later became simply, Un ponte per…, after expanding its work into Serbia and Kosovo, as well as other countries in the Middle East and Mediterranean.

The aim of UPP is the prevention of new conflicts, particularly in the Middle East.  This is achieved through advocacy campaigns, programs which educate and encourage cultural exchange, collaborative projects and peaceful civil interventions.



Un ponte per… works since 25 years in Italy and Middle East promoting peace, human rights and solidarity between peoples.


To address the root causes of conflicts, Un ponte per... believes that solidarity interventions aimed to support war-affected populations must be interconnected with human rights protection.  

Activities in Italy are implemented mainly thanks to the help of volunteers and members of the association. These include public debates and conferences on peace, refugee crisis and war affected populations to name a few. A constant advocacy work toward the Italian institutions is ensured by the Association's board members.

Un ponte per... which strongly rejects war as a solution to international conflicts, exerts relentless efforts to attain peace and solidarity among people via encouraging  encounters between different cultures, languages, religions and traditions with the ultimate objective of developing a more equal and peaceful coexistence.

UPP believes that concrete interventions promoting solidarity are inseparable from the commitment to build and strengthen ties between Italian civil society and civil society in those countries in which it operates. 




Un ponte per... works in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Serbia and Kosovo alongside civil society organisations. In italy, it promotes peace and disarmament, defends the common goods, and welcomes refugees and migrants.