Daesh started its occupation of Iraq in the summer of 2014, starting with Mosul and the surrounding areas, persecuting the minorities with whom we have been working for years. More than 2 million Iraqi IDPs have sought refuge in the region of Kurdistan. Extra efforts were made to respond to the crisis situation with humanitarian assistance programmes including healthcare, aid distributions and socio-psychological support. We have distributed covers, winter clothes, heaters and school kits for boys and girls. Some specific emergency programmes which were launched many years ago, are still active today.


Since 2014 the organisation has been active in northeastern Syria, with humanitarian efforts including humanatarian aid deliveries and the rehabilitation of the whole local health system. During and after the fight for liberation from Daesh, we built first aid clinics, equipped with their own ambulance service; we rehabilitated Raqqa hospital and provided constant support to the Kurdish Red Crescent (KRC), with refresher training courses for doctors and health workers to ensure their efficiency. We are currently working throughout the east of the country and in the main Iraqi refugee and Syrian IDPs camps.