Since the beginning of 2015, we decided to take a new challenge in Italy: welcoming migrants in our towns, expanding a sense of mutual understanding, and encouraging cultural exchange. With this aim in mind, 4 micro-projects have been managed by volunteers of our local committees, all dedicated to welcoming migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the areas where our members operate.

At the end of 2015, the first of a series of missions was organized on the island of Lesbos in Greece, where volunteers joined other international activists in providing relief and assistance to newly arriving refugees fleeing Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

In 2015 we began supporting a social center in Rome to provide legal services to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

In addition to this, from May to August 2016, our “Solidarity Van”  - a caravan equipped with wi-fi, 4 computers and a charging station for mobile devices - travelled along the borders of Europe, tracking and supporting migrants along the Balkan route. Aboard were two operators who provided information, guidance and support to migrants, giving them the opportunity to connect with each other and their families, and to recharge phones and computers.