In Iraq, in areas previously occupied by Daesh, like the Nineveh Plains, we started a peacebuilding program called "The Road to Ninevah: Social Cohesion, Peace, Coexistence" , involving civil society actors, activist networks, local authorities, religious leaders and young people of minority communities, aimed at preventing and transforming local conflicts by nonviolent means. Local peacemakers and Local Peace Committees counter the logic of private vengeance and encourage instead dialogue, reconciliation and restorative justice, through the direct participation of all of the parties involved.

The project has the specific objective of strengthening the capacities of Iraqi civil society organizations to engage in mediation, dialogue, processes for reconciliation and restorative justice among displaced communities. The intent is to avoid further conflicts by reinforcing intra-community relations. 

In Palestine we are active since many years by sending young volunteers involved in nonviolent interposition operations and awarness campaings every October during the season of the olive harvest. 

To improve dialogue and acknowledgement among different groups who are particularly vulnerable in this moment in the Middle East region, we launched our first Civil Peace Corps program, by sending in Lebanon young volunteers involved in support dialogue between the Syrian refugees community and the local hosting communities.