Arbat. For social cohesion and dialogue

A new project is underway in Arbat district of Sulaymaniyah to promote social cohesion, peace and dialogue with the creation of a Community Centre.

The provision of psychosocial assistance to the communities, promotion of social cohesion, understanding and dialogue between Syrian refugees, Iraqi IDPs and the host communities from the area of Arbat (Sulaymaniyah) in Iraq, with the creation of a Community Centre.

This is the goal of the new 12-month project, in collaboration with our local partners Democracy and Human Rights Development Centre (DHRD) and the Civil Development Centre (CDO), thanks to the support of UNDP.

Rabat Community Centre will organise many activities, with a special focus on the most vulnerable groups, such as Syrian, Iraqi and Kurdish women and children. Initiatives will include training on gender-based violence awareness and prevention, psychosocial victim support and legal assistance if necessary.

In addition, the Centre will also offer after-school clubs for more than 500 children and teenagers,  including courses to  study Kurdish, IT, as well as opportunities for informal education (theatre, social circus, music and sport).

300 women will have the chance to study Kurdish and IT, and do theatre, dance, music and sport. Space will also be provided to open a library.

In the second phase of the project there will be workshops  and awareness-raising campaigns on the importance of dialogue and peaceful mediation for all members of civil society, ONGs and local committees, with a focus on women and youth.

Every two weeks the Centre will hold group discussions on issues that are important for the communities, to avoid divisions and problems in the future.

The main aim will be to identify groups of male and female volunteers from the 3 communities, who would work with the Centre to establish new committees and develop information campaigns and social events for the community.




Project Name: Promotion of social cohesion and dialogue in Arbat

Project Type: Social Cohesion and Peacebuilding

Beneficiaries: Syrian refugees, Iraqi IDPs and host community

Length: May 2017 - May 2018

Project Areas: Arbat District, Sulaymaniyah - KRG - Iraq

Partners: Democracy and Human Rights Development Centre (DHRD); Civil Development Centre (CDO)

Donor: UNDP