“Darfat” (Opportunity) is a new project designed to provide professional training and access to the job market for vulnerable war victims and IDPs in Iraq.

The project will contribute to the creation of dignified and sustainable job opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan, and is designed primarily for people facing the most challenges: women victims of violence, Syrian refugees, Iraqi IDPs and young unemployed men and women of the Kurdish host community.

This 10-month project based in Sulaymaniyah (Iraqi Kurdistan), will offer vocational training in 4 sectors: humanitarian work, multimedia/visual arts, textiles and industry.

In the Barika Syrian refugee camp, vocational training training will be offered in the humanitarian sector with opportunities for 40 young refugees to undertake paid apprenticeships with local and international NGOs.

Vocational training in media and the visual arts will be available in the camp’s Youth Centre managed by UPP, and in the Deir Maryam Aladhra Monastery in Suleymaiyah, with specialisations including radio production, sound recording techniques, web design and video editing, as well as courses in languages and IT.

Women victims of violence in the shelters in Sulaymaniyah and Barika camp, will be offered vocational training in textiles. There will also be, as always, awareness-raising and social integration initiatives, to encourage understanding  and dialogue between refugees, IDPs and members of the host community.


Project Name: Darfat (Opportunity)

Project Type: Vocational training and introduction to the job market

Beneficiaries: Syrian refugee community, Iraqi IDPs, women victims of violence

Length: April 2019 - February 2020

Project Area: Sulaymaniah - KRI (Iraq)

Local partner: local organisations

Donor: AICS