Our contribution to the development of Lebanon’s next generation continues: in the coming months, we will be working on a project for education and children’s rights. 

The “Madrasati Ahla” (My beautiful school) project aims to improve access to education for the most vulnerable members of the Syrian refugee community and their host-country counterparts.

The main focus is to strengthen access to after-school activities, as well as schooling in the Governorate of el-Nabatieh and Mount Lebanon, by improving infrastructure accessibility and standards, as well as the the actual teaching.

The project will benefit at least 96 teachers from the Choukine school and more than 225 vulnerable Syrian and Lebanese children, 1,420 of whom will also receive socio-psycological assistance.

The renovation of the Choukine school building will allow for bigger classes, better bathroom facilities, easier access for children with disabilities, restocking of the library and specialised training for the teaching staff.

Physical barriers will be removed to facilitate access for disabled children, and there transport services to the school and to the informal education centre in Ain el-Remmaneh will be made available. In addition, an awareness campaign will be launched to reduce dropping out, with 4 events for the Syrian and Lebanese communities, as well as the provision of equipment to encourage sporting activity.


Project Name: Madrasati Ahla (My beautiful school)

Project Type: Access to education, informal socio-psychological assistance

Beneficiaries: Children and adolescents from the Syrian refugee community and their host-country counterparts.

Length: April - December 2018

Project Area: Lebanon

Donor: AICS