Fourth humanitarian aid convoy delivered to Rojava

Our commitment to assisting war victims in the predominantly Kurdish region of Syria continues, with the provision of medicine and health kits, socio-psychological assistance and resilience-building as the focus of our work over the next 7 months.

In the morning of 28th September 2016, we once again crossed the Iraqi border into Syria with humanitarian aid for the population under siege: we brought generic medicine, cancer treatment - which is impossible to find in this country - and hygiene kits for people living in refugee camps. All of this will be delivered to our friends the Kurdish Red Crescent.

These distributions will help more than 20,000 people living in the Rojava region.

This is the first series of distributions in 2016/2017 carried out as part of a project financed by the Italian Agency fo Cooperation and Development (AICS) and by the Foreign Ministry department of International Cooperation (MAECI), which is being implemented with the support of the charitable wing of the Waldensian Table and the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

Humanitarian aid will be provided to a total of 50,000 people with healthcare guaranteed for 75,000 IDPs.

But in Rojava, we are also working on a bigger project. For the next 7 months, IDPs and Syrian and Iraqi refugees will be able to rely on socio-psychological support services which provided through the KRC centres, where we are offering specialised training on resilience-building and socio-psychological assistance for 200 Kurdish Red Crescent workers.

In 2015, we made 3 humanitarian aid deliveries to Rojava, including one containing winter curtains and covers. Today we have come back to cross that ‘bridge’ once again, in an attempt to mitigate the Syrian state of siege, by crossing a small border section with Iraqi Kurdistan where we have been active for 25 years.

Today, we are bringing our experience to Rojava, because years of working with IDPs and Syrian refugees in the Middle East have taught us the importance of reaching every single part of Syria where people are still resisting Daesh oppression.


Project name: Humanitarian Aid Distribution

Project type: Humanitarian Crisis

Beneficiaries: Syrian IDPsin northeast Syria

Local partners: Kurdish Red Crescent (Heyva Sor a Kurd)

Donors: AICS, Charitable wing of the Waldensian Table, Autonomous Province of Bolzano, private donations