Hatred and intolerance towards Muslim and Islamic communities in Europe are reinforced by “structural drivers” - the technical term for the policies, laws, political debate and press coverage which normalise Anti-Muslim Hatred and Intolerance (AMHI). The aim of this long-term project, which will launch in Italy, Holland, France, Spain and Great Britain, is to analyse the impact of these drivers in different contexts, and make recomendations to national and European authorities on the best ways to improve their approach to the respect of human rights.

Additional project goals are to mobilise civilised societies by reminding them that they can wipe out hate speech, through the foundation of pan-European network and online information platform to encourage cooperation with the Islamic communities in each of the participating countries, through an online platform.

Thanks to the work of an analysis and research team, it will be possible to reach more than 200 national and European policy makers; 225 private and public sector workers; 50 journalists, 153 Civil Society groups and 57 members of national Islamic communities, for a total of 300,000 people.

Detailed analysis, reports and strategy documents will be prepared and used to encourage key policy making players to accept best practice recommendations to defeat hatred and Islamophobia.

Comparative analysis will be carried out on the non-parliamentary groups and movements promoting hate speech in the different project countries; legislation for anti-terrorism, security and migration will be evaluated; online interactive tools for legislators and policy makers will be developed and there will be workshops and seminars for journalists and influencers.

There will also be opportunities for interaction between members of the Islamic community and participating teachers, professors and public sector workers from the project countries.

A second area of work will focus on Civil Society, with seminars, gatherings, and a series of debates in Italian and European universities, involving Islamic communities in the project countries.

For more information: https://stop-islamophobia.eu/



Project Name: Stop Islamophobia - CoSDAMH

Project Type: Addressing the root causes of Islamophobia in Italy and Europe by increasing awareness of the structural drivers which normalise hatred and intolerance of Muslims

Beneficiaries: national and European policy-makers, teachers and public sector workers; journalists; Civil Society; Islamic communities

Length: Novembre 2018 - October 2020

Project Areas: Italy, Netherlands, Spain, France, Great Britain

Local Partners: Stitching Transnational Institute (Netherlands);  IZI Solutions BV (Netherlands); Noor Foundation (Netherlands); Fundación Al Fanar para el Conocimiento Árabe (Spain); Comité Justice & Libertes Pour Tous (France); Public Interest Investigations (Great Britain).

Donor: European Union