In Iraq, these are time of elevated social conflict, as is evident from the massive protests that have been ongoing since October 2019.

In this scenario, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) can bridge the gap between Iraqi authorities and the local communities acting at a grassroot level to promote constructive change, facilitate dialogue, protect human and environmental rights, provide equal opportunities to women and men.

To be more effective in this role, Iraqi CSOs need support to reinforce their internal structures and to improve their advocacy skills, giving adequate space to women and youth within their leadership. External support needs to respect their ownership on any process of cultural and social change, therefore this project has been built and will be implemented with a participatory and gender-sensitive approach.

The main objective of “Tatweer” is to enable CSOs in Iraq to have a greater impact on the promotion of human and environmental rights, to respond more effectively to the needs of individual communities and to collaborate with local and national authorities.

We will do it through these key activities:

Opening 3 Civil Society Service Centers (CSSCs) in Erbil, Mosul and Basra, that will operate acting as open spaces for trainings and experience-sharing for local civil society organizations in Iraq;

Develop and disseminate quality training materials that will be used as training packages on good governance, strategic planning, campaigning, project management, fundraising;

Provide accompanied grants to CSOs, that will be used to implement projects relating to human rights, environmental protection, peacebuilding and development;

Creation of a civil society web-platform, that will be available for sharing experiences and tools among CSOs that pursue good governance, strategic planning, campaigning and effective project management;

Organization of regional exchange of effective practices and development of international partnerships, in order to improve national and international advocacy.

To reach these objectives, several meetings, workshop, trainings, cultural events will be organized, providing in the same time legal assistance for NGOs and CSOs in the region.



Project name: Tatweer 

Project type: Civil Society Capacity Building 

Project areas: Iraq (Erbil, Mosul, Basra)

Length: 42 months (started January 2020) 

Partners: Al-Mesalla 

Donor: European Union