Crisis in north-east Syria

Breaking News - 14th October 2019

UPP’s international staff must leave the country. UPP local staff are still operational and thanks to their expertise the field programmes we launched in collaboration with the Kurdish Red Crescent (KRC) are still being implemented. We stand with our partner in monitoring the situation from the operations centre in Dohuk, Iraqi Kurdistan.  The UPP mission in Syria is on-going.



Wednesday 9th October was the first day of the Turkish attack. After just a few hours, there were already hundreds of displaced people fleeing the Turkish-Syrian border in search of shelter from the air raids. Supplies of water and medicine have already been cut off in some areas.

The border’s main cities have all been hit, including Kobane, symbol of the Kurdish resistance against Daesh. Turkey has also bombed the town of Ein aissa, 50km from the border and therefore beyond the 32km safety zone declared by Erdogan.

Once again the Syrian people are under attack and forced to flee, after having already fled their homes at least once during these 8 years of conflict. 


“If the attack continues, we will see another humanitarian crisis. The first time I went into Raqqa, 2 years ago, it was just rubble. These people have already lost everything and were only just starting to get back on their feet, they were peacefully rebuilding their lives, but now they have been stopped once again. We must stop this plan of death and destruction.” Says Pedro, a doctor who works for Un Ponte Per.


It would be unthinkable to abandon this area and the Kurdish population, who played such an important role in containing and defeating Daesh, and it would be a betrayal of the principles for which so many lives were sacrificed.




The ambulance service set up by Un Ponte Per… and our local partner the Kurdish Red Crescent are currently operational in Derek, Kobane, Qamishlo, Amuda, Derbasye, Tell Tamer, Serykanyye and Tel Abiat. We are also providing support to hospitals in Tell Tamer, Hassake, Raqqa and Ain Issa in preparation for the humanitarian response and we are ready to distribute medicines to the civilian population.

"Even before this new onslaught, 95% of the population needed support to access basic healthcare services. The situation is now heading towards a humanitarian disaster. We have been working on rebuilding the local healthcare system for years: now it looks like it will all be destroyed again.” Explains Luca Magno,  Syrian Operational Desk who works for Un Ponte Per.









Despite the challenges, local staff are still working.

Dr Sherwan Bery, Co-Director of the Kurdish Red Crescent, states: “The border situation has forced us to relocate and pull our medical teams and ambulances out from the main refugee camps. This will result in a rapid decline in health services in the camps, which currently house tens of thousands of refugees and IDPs. But we have to focus on the front line.”

Your donations are more important than ever to help the Syrian population.

We can’t abandon these people. #Ontheirside




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