Syria Emergency

Since 2011, the conflict in Syria has caused more that 10 million people to be displaced, forced to flee their cities to other areas in the country, or to neighboring countries.

In an effort to stem this growing crisis, Un ponte per…has carried out a focused emergency program, active in countries most impacted by Syrian refugees (Iraq, Jordan, Libya), and beginning in 2015, UPP has been providing humanitarian aid in the Rojava region of northern Syria.

The funds collected for the Syria Emergency campaign are used to purchase medicine on-site and hygiene kits, and to provide legal and psychological assistance to refugees, especially to women who have been the victims of violence — a number which continues to grow.


At the heart of this crisis are children, who need to continue their education despite being displaced.


In North East Syria we work closely with the Kurdish Red Crescent. Since the spring of 2015, we have sent shipments of humanitarian aid, and we continue our active  collaboration today, offering steady support to their medical centers. We have also launched an emergency program to accomodate Iraqi families who have fled Mosul and crossed the border into Syria, assisting ambulances which provide urgent health care, and refugee camps which welcome Iraqi refugees. 

In Iraq, we have been active on the borders of Syria since the first months of the crisis, offering guidance and accommodation to families forced to flee their homes. Since 2013, we have been working in refugee camps set up within the country, providing psycho-social support to refugees. Particular attention has been given to women and children through the establishment of special protected areas for play-therapy and educational programs.

In Jordan, we have worked for years, offering protection to women, opposing gender violence, and providing psychological and legal assistance to victims of violence and their children. We also work to ensure that Syrian children refugees can continue their schooling through non formal education projects.

In Lebanon, our distance support program, ‘Family Happiness’, provides education and healthcare for Syrian-Palestinian children living in Palestinian refugee camps.