Access to rights

In order to help build a better future for the Iraqi and Syrian communities affected by the war and the Daesh occupation in recent years, we have been investing resources in the training sector, in the Nineveh Plane and in the Syrian refugee camps. We also launched a school rehabilitation programme in areas previously occupied by Daesh, to improve access to primary and secondary education. A Peace Education training programme for Iraqi educators and teachers was launched to promote social cohesion and tolerance at school. In Lebanon, our child sponsorship programmes, dedicated to Palestinian and Syrian-Palstinan boys and girls ensure their right to education and the continuity of their studies.


Wherever we are working, we always pay special attention to gender rights. We strongly support women’s activism for gender equality and the prevention of discrimination and violence, which is especially important in war zones like Iraq and Syria. We opened Centres and Shelters in Iraq for activists and victims of abuse. In Syria, we are working on a programme for the prevention of gender-based violence, and for the protection of women and their reproductive health, with support for the Women’s Shelters (Mala Jin) project in the northeast of the country. In Jordan we have been focussing on the inclusion of disabled women and Jordanian and Syrian refugees, and we are collaborating with “She Fighters,” the first Centre for women’s self-defence in the Middle East.


In Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, we are working to ensure sccess to healthcare for women and men, girls and boys in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, thanks to expert teams of doctors, nurses and social workers. We also provide regular training opportunities for local healthworkers in self-management capacity-building. Since the most recent humanitarian crises began in Syria and Iraq, we have established long-term socio-psychological assistance programmes for refugees and IDPs in all the refugee camps where we are active, with a special focus on the mental health of girls and boys.


In Iraq, we promote vocational training and livelihood opportunities for young and vulnerable  Iraqi, Syrian and Kurdish men and women. In 2017, we founded a Vocational Training Centre in Sulaymaniyah (Iraqi Kurdistan) offering vocational training and courses to study English and Arabic, followed by the possibility of paid apprenticeships in local businesses. Vocational training was also offered in music and radio production to many young Syrian and Iraqi men and women, thanks to Italian and local experts.


We have been working in Jordan for many years on the inclusion of Syrian refugees and Jordanians  with mental and physical disabilities or severe war injuries. As well as providing prosthetic aids and specialised training courses and removing physical barriers from public buildings and schools, we are also encouraging disabled people to seek employment through training and the opening of new shared spaces, like a caffe in Amman which is totally managed and staffed by disabled people.