All our work is characterised by a special focus on the most vulnerable, including women and children, who require specific attention and specialised action plans. Over the years, we have launched many programmes to protect women and children in Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

In Iraq, and especially in Daesh’s former stronghold, Mosul, we are working on a massive initiative for the prevention of gender-based violence, by creating three Safe spaces in the area and providing socio-psychological assistance to women victims of violence. We also support the “Shahrazad” project, launched by Iraqi women activists against violence and discrimination, and together we have founded the “Baghdad Centre” to provide protection and legal advice for women victims of violence.


We have created shelters for victims of gender-based violence and forced early marriage in the Middle East. We have also built reproductive healthcare clinics, socio-psychological assistance and legal advice.


Protection is a key part of all our emergency projects in Syria, with a special focus on reproductive health and the prevention of gender-based violence. We support the “Women’s shelters” project (Mala Jin) in the northeast of the country, which ensures shelter and assistance for victims of abuse.

In Jordan, we are working with women from the Syrian refugee community and the host community, with inclusion projects dedicated to disabled people, legal assistance for victims of violence and capacity-building programmes. We are also working with “She Fighter,” the first Centre for female self-defence in the Middle East.