Women protection

In every intervention we undertake, in all countries in which we operate, particular attention is always given to the most vulnerable, to those who bear the full weight of war and who must endure the hardship of displacement. Among these are women, who require special care and precise plans of action. Over the years, we have launched several protection and assistance programs for women and their children, both for displaced communities in Iraq and for Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq.

Safe spaces where the delicate issues of gender violence and child marriage can be addressed openly and without fear; clinics devoted to reproductive health; programs which offer psychosocial support; campaigns which raise awareness and provide information; legal assistance and free healthcare — programs like these have always formed the core of our work.


We promote the participation of women in peacemaking and peacebuilding processes.


In Iraq we support civil society organizations and their advocacy campaigns. Including this "Shahrazad" campaign, launched by a coalition of Iraqi women activists to fight against gender based violence, harrassment and discrimination.

In 2015 we opened a women centre in Baghdad to support and to protect them.