A journey of discovery in Serbia and Kosovo

14 March 2019, 9:41

Join us in discovering Serbia and Kosovo

This year, as in previous years, we are organising a journey of discovery to Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija. Its incredible cultural, artistic and natural wealth makes Serbia the perfect place to experience nature untouched by modern civilisation, amongst stunning vineyards and monasteries in the clearings.

All are welcome to join this journey.

It will be an opportunity to reflect on the sad anniversary of 24th March 1999: 20 years have passed since the tragic bombing in Belgrade. Un Ponte Per… that same year launched their ‘Un Ponte Per… Belgrade’, which contributed to the creation of health centres and medicines, assisting more than 10,000 displaced people: support for Serbian men, women and children which continues oil the present day. During the journey we will meet the local manager of Un Ponte Per…’s child sponsorship programme ‘Svetlost’.

How to take part

Reserve your place by 7th April 2019

Contact us for more information or to reserve your place @ comunicazione@unponteper.it