In Italy, UPP activities are implemented by staff at HQ in Rome as well as by network of Local Committees across the country.

Run entirely by volunteers, these Committees have diversified their work over the years on the basis of their specific locations, networks and skill- sets of the volunteers who dedicate their time and efforts to UPP’s various areas of work.

Today the organisation counts 5 Local Committees in Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Tuscany and Campania. There is also a dedicated UPP Education Group, working in schools and in the fields of cultural interaction and Education for Peace, which, thanks to its members, works in all the Local Committee sites and in Rome.


LOCAL COMMITTEES: activities and contacts

Turin - torino[at]unponteper.it

  • Creation of “twinning” links between school children in Italy, Lebanon and Iraq.
  • Peace-building initiatives in collaboration with the ‘Sereno Regis’ Study Centre.
  • Observance of the UN International Days for Palestine.

Monza and Brianza - monza[at]unponteper.it - Facebook

  • Workshops with migrants.
  • Cultural Interaction events.
  • Participation in regional anti-racism and anti-Fascist networks.

Tuscany - toscana[at]unponteper.it - Facebook

  • Peace Education, through workshops and school visits.
  • Cultural Interaction Initiatives.
  • Anti-discrimination Observatory.   
  • Organisation of activities in support of Israeli Anti-Apartheid Week (IAW) as part of the BDS Campaign.

Naples - napoli[at]unponteper.it

  • Civil Peace Corps in ’La Terra dei fuochi’ (NB. Literally ‘The land of Fires’ - A vast area in southern Italy famous for massive landfill fires which generate dangerous levels of air pollution).
  • Anti-Mafia initiatives in collaboration with ‘Libera’.
  • Peace Education through workshops and school visits.