Darna – Emergency in Raqqa

The “Darna” (Our house) project aims to improve primary healthcare services in western Raqqa (Syria) and to provide first aid for the safe return of families coming home after their city was liberated from Daesh.

The project, which is financed by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development (AICS) and implemented by our local partner the Kurdish Red Crescent,  has three main aims - the rehabilitation and opening of a basic and emergency health centre, complete with ambulance service covering the town of  Raqqa and the surrounding areas, which will also be covered by a special mobile unit.

This will ensure access to basic daily healthcare and gynaecological and paediatric check-ups for more than 35,000 people, treatment for injuries, in cases of emergency and not - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; women will be guaranteed reproductive healthcare and assisted births.

The project also includes transport in completely equipped ambulances, which are staffed by specialised paramedics and nurses trained in patient stabilisation  in case of complications during trasport.


Project name: Darna (our house)

Project type: Rehabilitation of Raqqa healthcare system

Length: May - September 2018

Project areas: Syria, northeast Syria (NES): Raqqa, Hassekeh and Aleppo Governorate

Local partner: Kurdish Red Crescent

Donor: AICS