Psycho-social support for Syrian refugees

According to UNHCR  statistics, the war has resulted in more than 4 million IDPs in Iraq today, with an additional 250,000 refugees who fled the war in Syria. Many of these are children, victims of violence, in need of pycho-social support and specialised treatment to deal with their fears and trauma.

That is why we launched a Mental Health Psyco-Social Support programme (MHPSS) in 2012, at the start of the Syrian refugee health crisis, in the open clinics in camps hosting Syrians. The first one was in Domiz camp (Dohuk) with finding by OCHA, but it expanded over just a few months to include the area around Erbil and Dohuk, through a UNHCR  programme. 

Thanks to teams of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers, working in close collaboration with the regional government’s Department of Mental Health, we are working on coping with post-traumatic stress disorders with individual and group sessions, play therapy for children and reliance groups. ‘Resilience’ is the ability of individuals and communities to deal with their suffering, in an effort to avoid developing  serious trauma symptoms. we are working on strengthening ‘resilience’, especially in children.

We work with total respect of the dignity, culture and skill-set of every single person, in order to restore wellbeing to people who have been through terrible experiences.

In parallel to this, the project also foresees the implementation of orientation and communication programmes between refugees and host communities: from activity relating to orientation (help in obtaining papers, getting registered and even just information about daily life) to specific awareness-raising campaigns created on the basis of the needs of the refugee population.



Project Name: Strengthening the provision of MHPSS and Mass information for Syrian refugees in Erbil and Dohuk

Project Type: Mental Health and Psycho-social support

Beneficiaries: Syrian refugees

Length: November 2012 - December 2019

Project Areas: Governorates of Erbil and Dohuk, KRG - Iraq

Donors: OCHA, UNHCR, private donations