Nissa - Phase II

Specialised support projects for victims of gender based violence are continuing in the Nineveh area; they were launched in 2018 soon after the liberation of Mosul, Daesh’s stronghold in Iraq.

The project has a special focus on gender based violence and is designed to provide expert support to women victims of violence in Mosul (East and West) and throughout Nineveh, by raising awareness in the community on the identification and prevention of violence, as well as dedicated support services.

The Nissa project is designed to help more than 11,000 women with its services and dedicated training courses for female doctors and healthcare professionals. Four more women’s shelters for victims of violence will be opened - following the success of the three shelters which were opened in the first project phase.

NISSA - Phase I (2018)

The liberation of Mosul in July 2017, left a divided city: the eastern part is slowly coming back to life, mainly thanks to the efforts of young men and women volunteers who live there, the other part is still a ghost town, clearly showing the scars of battle. Which are as deep as the psychological wounds of the town’s inhabitants who stayed in the town during the east occupation, especially the women.

The Nissa Project was created to provide those women with expert support services.

The goal is the provision of socio-psychological assistance to 1,800 women and girls who are victims of violence, thanks to a specialised team of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers, who go house to house to identify and provide the necessary support to the worst cases, while 1,500 other women will be offered integrated reproductive and socio-psychological health services.

Over the course of the project, awareness campaigns will be launched to encourage women and men to identify and denounce abuse and violence. These initiatives will take place in the 3 Shelters set up by Un Ponte Per in October 2017, as part of Mosul’s health centres.


Project Name: Nissa II - Strengthening the provision of GBV, PSS and RH integrated services in Mosul

Project Type: MHPSS, GBV

Beneficiaries: Donne e ragazze vittime di violenza o a rischio

Length: January - October 2019

Project Area: Nineveh Governorate, Iraq

Partner: Women Rehabilitation Organization (WRO)

Donor: OCHA (IHF)