Protection for women human rights activists

21 June 2016, 12:51

As part of our long-standing support of Iraqi Civil Society and our campaigns for the creation of a free, democratic and pluralistic Iraq, in 2016 we launched a programme for the protection of women activists who fight for human rights (Women Human Rights Defenders – WHRDs).

The programme is based in Baghdad but will involve women from all over the country, with a special focus on female trade unionists, journalists and press activists who are at greater risk because of their gender.

Thanks to the support of the German Embassy in Iraq, and the collaboration of the activists from our our long-term partner, the Baghdad-based Iraqi Women Journalist Forum (IWJF), a Help Centre was opened in Baghdad in May 2016 to provide legal support for activists, training courses on personal and digital safety, as well as a safe space for meetings and discussion, for the creation of new advocacy strategies.