We are working to strengthen the legal defence of conscientious objectors who are risking their lives and freedom because they refuse to kill and are struggling to escape enlistment.

At the same time, we are procuring training, and technical and psychological support for activists, young students, volunteers, teachers and other small groups that are promoting social cohesion in Ukraine or have chosen civil disobedience against the Russian occupation.


Why support the Peacebuilders?

Because these Peace Builders are working for the nonviolent transformation of conflicts but risk suffering violence, disappearances and torture for what they do. They need to be protected and to be given the necessary tools to face these risks.

Because they are often the first responders that step in, at a very high personal cost, to take care of of humanitarian aid and support for displaced people and victims of rape and torture.




While the attention of the international community is focused on sending arms and humanitarian aid, we at Un Ponte Per have launched a bridge for civil society in Ukraine to give a voice back to the people and build a lasting peace from the ground up.

Un Ponte Per works towards the prevention of armed conflict and supports those who suffer the consequences. We are committed to a more just and inclusive world, focusing on people and individuals.

Why support conscientious objectors?

There are still many conscientious objectors who need legal assistance and protection.

In Ukraine (between January and July 2022) about 500 men and boys were charged for refusing to enlist. By October 2022, in just three months, the number had nearly doubled to 971.

Vitaliy Vasyliovych Alekseienko was sentenced last September to one year in prison. In May, the pacifist Andrii Kucher was sentenced to 4 years by the Mukachevo City Court. A month later, the concientous objector Dmytro Kucherov was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment by the Court of Oleksandria. Ruslan Kotsaba is on trial for his statements against military conscription. He has received threats, suffered physical assaults and has been imprisoned. In October, he found asylum outside Ukraine. He was facing 15 years in prison.


“We have organized a network of legal support and defence for conscientious objectors. We offer them advice on how to answer if they are stopped and what kind of rights they can refer to. We are launching a toll-free number for emergencies and a website. In Russia and Ukraine many people are trying to escape military conscription, despite repression. We must learn to resist violence without further violence"

Yuri Sheliazhenko, executive secretary of the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement.


Defend the life and freedom of those who refuse to enlist to kill or be killed. Help us with the legal expenses of a Ukrainian conscientious objector and support those who publicly oppose the war. 


Why support these Peacebuilders

Thousands of young Ukrainians volunteer every day in their country to promote social cohesion, stand up to the language of hatred, ensure that those who speak Russian are not discriminated against, support those who want to escape the areas occupied by Russians and promote non-violent resistance against the occupying forces.

Thousands of Russian pacifists work every day to spread anti-war messages among the population in their country.

This is the invisible army of peacebuilders, who ask for support but have no voice within the international community.

Since 1991 we have been supporting activists and civil movements, helping them to create greater impact through support and lasting partnerships. Over these 31 years conflicts have multiplied, and so have the bridges of solidarity that we have launched.
They need us today in Ukraine, our support and the support of all the people who do not believe in war as a resolution of international disputes.

Help us support the people in Ukraine who are building peace and strengthening social cohesion.



Find out what your donation can do:



30 euro

Secondary Traumatic Stress affects Ukrainian Peacebuilders on the front lines protecting the population, despite being displaced themselves.


70 euro

Most Peacebuilders are volunteers. We help train them in topics such as nonviolent resistance, trauma and conflict management which helps protects them from violence, disappearances and torture.


150 euro

Defend the life and liberty of those who refuse to enlist to kill or be killed. Help fund the legal expenses of a Ukrainian conscientious objector and those who publicly oppose this war.



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